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Since the last consultation event pre-application discussions have taken place with
Wiltshire Council who raised a number of issues that they felt needed
addressing/amending. Much of the proposal however remains the same and we can
confirm that;

  • The vehicular access is still only from Lavington Lane.
  • The school drop off point and car park remain as previously proposed.
  • The amount of affordable housing remains at 30%.
  • The scheme is still predominantly small to medium family sized homes (72%).
  • The proposal will include a good proportion of accessible properties for the less abled or flexible accommodation for downsizers – including 8 bungalows that back onto Eastfield.
  • The large landscaping buffers to the east and north are as previously shown.

All previous comments on the proposal will still be reported within our Statement of
Community Involvement, including those about the principle of the development and
access issues, and as such they don’t need to be repeated. Comments should therefore
focus on the changes to the internal layout of the proposed housing. Those key changes
are as follows;

  • Whilst there was strong support for the layout previously proposed, the council considered the central green area was too enclosed with too many houses backing onto it. The amended proposal shows a central green that is much more open and with all surrounding houses facing onto the green.
  • The council wanted more multi-aspect dwellings (those that have active facades on the front and the side elevation) to allow for more architectural interest on corner plots. The new layout allows for these where required.
  • It was felt that some of the pedestrian links through the site could be improved. The amended layout addresses that issue and also includes a further pedestrian/cycle access from Sandfield.

Overall the amended proposal maintains the key features that had a high level of support
from the community at the time of the last consultation event and it is felt that the changes
to the design and location of the central green area creates a better focus at the heart of the
Any comments on the amended layout can be submitted via the e-mail address on this

Any comments should be received by 14th August 2020.

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